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How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick - Legal Nomads : Legal Nomads

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Category: Food

Growing up food was a necessity, not a pleasure. It comes as a surprise to people I’ve met on my travels, since my state of mind now is one of pure joy when learning about a new meal. I remember telling a friend in 2002 that planning around food seemed like an extraordinary waste of time. He is quick to remind me now of my statement, and laugh that my readers must think I was a toddler who fiddled around in the kitchen. The reality is that I was a late food-bloomer. When I was preparing to quit my job to take a travel sabbatical in 2008, eating options did not factor into my itinerary. Instead, I started to care about food when I fell headfirst into a world of street eats and roadside chaos. It became apparent that eating was why I wanted to keep travelling. I stood in bustling markets and a sea of carts and soups and tastes that astounded me and thought, “yes, this is what it’s all about.” Food was the most intensive and rewarding lens I could use to learn about a new place, I decided. The next logical step was: how do I eat street food without getting sick?

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