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All About Knots: Knot Strength: Structures that Make a Natural-Fiber Knot Strong or Weak

Monday, November 3, 2014

Category: Misc

Dear Sir,A dialogue was published at the IGKT forum, where parts of your article about knot strength was cited and criticized. It would be very helpful for the participants of this dialogue, and I personally would be very glad, if you are kind to offer us some of your knowledge and expertise about this subtle matter. Few people care about knots, but this is not a proof that knots are not something valuable. My own opinion is that they are something like mathematical theorems in a #D world with friction, and so they somehow exist, either we do care about them, or not. Indeed, they "exist" either we know them, or not, either we exist, or not, exactly as mathematical theorems do. (Purposely platonic comment : )) Best Regads,Constant XaraxAthens,

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